I grew up in Mexico, a country where the colonially imposed Catholic faith was hijacked by folk forms and ideas inherited from the native religions and Afro-Caribbean traditions imported during the slave trade. This visual language provides me with a conceptual model to anchor my investigations of the digital (moving) image. I am searching for a possible framework for understanding and filling the spiritual void of the image-as-code in contemporary culture by experimenting with the technologies that make them tangible. What lessons can we learn from digital image and video files? What are the ethics of moving images on the Internet?


Most of my work appropriates and takes as its main subject gay pornographic image and video files found online. The specific scars that digital compression manifests on images, the tags that create specific groupings of files, and the technologies and machineries of reproduction (whether it be projectors, monitors, printers, digital interfaces, cameras or the artist’s hands) are both the adjectives and verbs used in my work. I look to religious art, iconography and rituals when developing a process for the creation, final form and presentation of my work. My Mexican Catholic background imprinted me with a taste for ornamentation bordering on the garish –a poetic attempt at representing ecstasy, rapture, divinity. My work unfolds slowly. While visually lavish, it aims for subtlety of experience.

Click here to download a PDF of my CV.

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