Materials: Video projection, Mirror tiles
Dimensions: 120x96x60

FANTASY VISION MEDITATION VERSION 2 is the third “episode” in a series investigating the parallel historical narratives of disco, gay liberation movements and AIDS. Like FANTASY VISION MEDITATION MEGAMIX (EDIT), this video sculpture is a compact version of the series. A phantasmagoric elegy for the fallen soldiers in the hidden cultural wars of the 70s and 80s, I transform two sources generally dismissed as vapid and disposable: “I Need Somebody To Love Tonight” by disco singer Sylvester (a victim of AIDS) and producer Patrick Cowley (who succumbed to AIDS less than three months after the disease was codified) and A Night At Halsted’s by queer porn auteur Fred Halsted (who overdosed on sleeping pills after the death of his lover from AIDS).

Here is a “3rd party” video of the work in action:

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